The Ultimate Guide to Resolve Call Debt Collectors

Have you been informed that you have an outstanding debt with Resolve Call Debt Collectors?

Whether you know the debt that is being referred to or not, there is no need to feel stressed or under pressure as this ultimate guide will give you everything you need to know about repaying your debt.

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Do I Qualify?

Who is Resolve Call Debt Collectors?

ResolveCall is a company that sends letters out to people in debt after their clients inform them to. After a business informs ResolveCall about somebody in debt, it is their job to chase up the customer in debt.

They work with numerous different industries, however, they are very frequently used by banks, utility companies, and loan providers.

Companies ResolveCall deal with:

  • Regional Water Suppliers
  • First Utility
  • Scottish Power
  • British Gas
  • N Power

If you have not been paying towards any of these companies, chances are, you will have an outstanding debt with them.

Being in debt can be an incredibly scary experience, even more so when you do not know the company that contacted you about it.

Is ResolveCall a legitimate company, regulated and authorised in the UK?

Yes, you will be happy to know, they are legit!

ResolveCall is governed, regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) .

Getting in touch and solutions

It is the best idea to get in touch with ResolveCall as you can discuss your situation to find your solution.

It is the best idea to contact ResolveCall as soon as you receive a letter informing you of your debt.

You should firstly contact them to ask for proof of the debt. This can be very beneficial. If RevolveCall does not send you any proof of your debt, you will not have to pay anything, however, if you do receive an official letter of proof, you will have to pay your debt.

Proof is also good because often, this company has been known to use a scattergun method. A scattergun method is when the debt collection company will send the debt to multiple people with the same name in the hope that somebody will own up to the debt- this is why you should always wait and prove the debt before you pay.


If your debt has been proven, you should not get in touch with Revolve to discuss payment options and solutions.

When getting in touch with RevolveCall, you should explain to them what your current circumstance is so they can find the best solution for you.

Here are some of the options Revolve offer:

  • Bankruptcy- It is a very fast way to pay off your debt, however, it can be very scary for many people to do this.
  • Debt Management Plan- Paying in monthly installments of less than the minimum.
  • Snowball Method- If you can afford the minimum, this method is the best option.
  • IVA’s
  • Debt relief order- If you are struggling considerably, this option is best.

What legal powers does RevolveCall have?

It is essential to know what powers Resolve truly have as many debt collection companies go agaisnt these rules.

These are some of their rules:

  • They cannot pretend to be bailiffs and seize your goods.
  • They cannot harass you verbally or physically.
  • They cannot discuss your debt with anoyone else without your consent.
  • If you have employed somebody to deal with your debt, ResolveCall cannot contact you directly.
  • They cannot charge you unfair or immense fees for collection.

If you believe ResolveCall can gone against any of the rules above, you should complain to their company. If they do not take any action, you should then report the incident to the financial ombusman or the financial conduct authority.

Contact Information

Here are some details you can use to contact Resolvecall to resolve all of your debt issues.

  • Phone 0141 243 4860
  • Email [email protected]
  • Address Spectrum House, 55 Blythswood Street, Glasgow, G2 7AT

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