The Ultimate Guide to Confero Collections Ltd

Have you had an alarming letter or phone call from Confero collections stating that you have outstanding debt?

Have they intimidated you with the idea of bailiffs showing up at your home?

Being in debt can be scary, but having Confero Collections bailiffs demanding your money can make you feel even worse, especially when you aren’t confident with the matter.

This is where we come in.

Do Not Speak to Confero Collections Ltd Until You Know About This

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This guide will inform you on all the ins and outs of Confero, along with the rights that they have- and the rights you have too!

Gain some valuable, free, impartial debt advice from us today when dealing with these debt collection services.

Who is Confero Collections Ltd?

Confero Collections is a Surrey-based enforcement agency that relates to and specialises in public sector debt recovery.

Their company has been working with local authorities around England and Wales since it formed in 2009 as a family-run business.

Each enforcement agent working for Confero has to understand and listen to the customer’s debt circumstances.

Are they a legitimate company?

Confero is a legit company. Therefore, it would be advised to listen to them.

Confero is an active debt collection company registered at Castle House, Park Road, Banstead, England, SM7 3BT.

They hold a certificate granted by a judge at the county court to state that they legally can carry out enforcement action.

Why am I being contacted by Confero Collections?

If you have a debt you failed to repay to an original creditor, you should expect to be contacted by Confero Collections.

Once your original creditor believes that they have done everything in their power in an attempt to retrieve your debt, they will pass this on to enforcement agencies, such as Confero.

Once Confero is involved, they will attempt to create a debt solution for you by chasing up the money and potentially bringing in bailiffs.

Who do they collect for?

You can expect a Confero debt collector to come after you for at least one of the reasons listed below:

  • To collect council tax arrears
  • Road traffic debts collection
  • Commercial rent arrears
  • Overpaid housing benefits collection
  • Collection of Sundry debts
  • Arrest warrants
  • Waste management cases
  • Collection of recycled cases
  • Common law forfeiture
  • Magistrate court fines

Keep reading to discover what Confero Collections bailiffs can take from your home.

Should I pay Confero Collections?

Once you have received contact from Confero or notice of enforcement, you should attempt to pay instantly.

The longer you leave your payment, the more serious this debt chase can be.

Leaving your debt for a long time can lead to the debt collector putting some additional fees onto your already outstanding debt or involving the county court.

I can’t afford to pay- what should I do?

It is incredibly common for anyone in debt to be struggling to repay the debt owed.

Debt solutions can be difficult to find, and having Confero collect debt across the country can pressure you.

Talking to Confero Collections about your situation can help you in the long run. As each agent has a duty of understanding, they should help to put together a payment plan with you in the hope of a way for you to write off the debt.

You should keep in mind that occasionally a payment plan, being a debt relief order, will be incorporated with a controlled goods agreement so that the Confero Collections bailiffs can take away some assets if you fail to keep up with your payment plan.

There are other options you can tale when unable to pay your bills:

What can Confero legally do?

It is important to understand the legal rights that Confero has because they may go against these rules, making it possible for you to take action.

As Confero has an enforcement action certificate, they are legally allowed to remove valuables from your property and sell them to pay for your debt.

Do Not Let Confero Collections Ltd Into Your House Until You Know About This

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What rights does Confero Collections have?

  • They can visit your home (between 6 am and 9 pm)
  • They can call you
  • They can send letters to the address you have provided
  • They can issue a statutory demand if your debt is larger than £5,000
  • They can apply to the county court to have a default registered on your credit file- affecting your credit rating.

What rights do I have against Confero Collections Ltd?

  • Confero cannot enter your home if an adult is present
  • They cannot enter your home via anything other than a door
  • They should provide you with seven days’ notice in advance of the first visit
  • They cannot speak to any friends or family about your debt
  • They cannot use complicated jargon to confuse and manipulate you
  • They cannot harass you

Can Confero Collections send bailiffs to my house?

When court action has happened, and you have still not paid your debts, Confero is likely to take bailiff action.

As the company does legally have the certificate to prove that they can show up at your property and seize goods as a debt solution.

Although bailiffs can show up at your home, you should know they cannot break into your home.

If you leave your doors unlocked, they can legally pursue entering your home (they can not enter any way other than doors).

What can Confero bailiffs take from me?

As you should understand, bailiffs can remove items from your property. However, there are limitations on what they can take.

The possessions that Confero takes will be based on estimations of the current value of your debt.

Here is a list of items that Confero can take from you:

  • Cars/bikes
  • Jewellery
  • Luxury items
  • Television/console
  • Cash

What can Confero bailiffs NOT take from me?

There are also a variety of items that Confero, and any other bailiffs, are not allowed to take.

Here is a short list of items that are not allowed to be seized:

  • Pets
  • Bedding
  • Clothes
  • Dining tables and chairs
  • Lighting
  • Anything owned by somebody else

To avoid taking any of your items, it is advised to hide them or place them on another property (with permission) as the bailiff has no legal right to access the premises.

What happens to my valuables once they are taken from me?

After you have had your valuables seized from your property, they will be stored in a storage unit until they are sold.

They can be sold privately or at auction.

The money from the items sold will repay your debt and bailiff fees.

Before any goods can be taken, a controlled goods agreement must be made- this can be a slight threat to people, making them repay quickly.

Confero Collections Ltd contact details

Here are the Confero Collections contact details:

  • Phone- 02086614477
  • Confero Collections Enforcement Address- Confero Collections Ltd, Castle House, Park Road, Banstead, Surrey, SM7 9BQ
  • Email- [email protected]

It is important to get in touch and pay as quickly as possible to avoid further action.


How long can debt collectors collect a debt from you?

Regarding the Limitations act 1980, there are only six years that a creditor can pursue a debt from you.

This means that within the six years, you must NOT have acknowledged the debt’s existence.

What bailiff fees are set in place?

For a letter of information on your debt, this is £75, Home visits are £235, and the removal/selling of belongings £110.

Are payment plans available?

After having spoken to Confero, you may be able to have a payment plan put in place, to enable monthly payments.


No matter how much debt you might owe, the situation is a scary one- with a debt collector chasing you up, it can be even more worrying.

Understanding all the rights you and this company has is incredibly important. Hopefully, this article has given you a wider insight into what you can do in this situation.

Make sure to contact a debt help agency to find a suitable debt solution and advice that may help you work your way out of debt before it becomes persistent.

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