The Ultimate Guide to UK Search Limited (UKSL)

Have you been contacted by UK Search Limited? Do not worry, it happens to so many people as 1 in 5 adults in the UK is dealing with some form of debt issue.

This ultimate guide to the UKSL could help you to understand and learn everything you will need to know when you are contacted via this company.

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Do I Qualify?

Who is UKSL debt?

UK Search Limited is a Chesterfield-based debt collection company.

If you have been contacted via UKSL there is a chance that you have an unpaid debt or have fallen behind on payments for another company that they are chasing up.

Who does UKSL collect for?

UK Search Limited collects for some quite large utility companies. Many collection agencies vary in companies they collect for, however, UKSL seem to stick to utility companies.

Some companies UKSL collect for:

  • Affinity Water
  • Tonik Energy
  • Southern Water

If you believe you have been contacted through any UKSL and have fallen behind payment from any of the previous companies, you most likely are going to be continuously contacted until you agree to a repayment.

Are UKSL a legitimate company authorised and regulated in the UK?

Before getting back in touch with a debt collection company you may not have heard of, it is always a very smart decision to research the company to see if it is a scam or a genuine authorised company.

In this case, UKSL are legitimate!

UK Search Limited has a company number of 05321310 ensuring that they are a genuine company.

That being said, if you have been contacted by this agency- you should take it seriously and payback before anything escalates.

I don’t think I have debt, why am I being contacted?

The first piece of advice would be to get back in touch with UKSL. When you contact this company, ask them for some proof of your debt they are collecting to ensure it is real. You can do this by sending a ‘Prove The Debt’ letter. They are obliged to send you proof of your debt, if they do not, you will not have to pay a penny to them.

After they have sent you proof, go through your own letters they have sent to ensure there are no slip-ups of differences between the proof.

Keeping a note of all the phone calls and letters that you receive from this agency is advised, simply because, if UKSL decides they would like to take the matter to court you have hard evidence. You should also note down every name you speak to regarding the situation, this evidence can state that you have been active in the responses for this unpaid debt.

Questions about payment.

Should I pay this company?

Have you asked for proof and been assured that this unpaid debt is yours? If you answered yes then you definitely should. The sooner you pay the quicker the harassing phone calls will end!

If you have the money in the full amount, paying now would be a brilliant option.

What if I don’t have the money?

If you are struggling to pay the full amount, get in touch as swiftly as possible with UKSL. Getting in touch with UK Search Limited can help with your payment methods as they can set up a repayment scheme, allowing you to pay monthly until the full payment has been paid off.

If this potential repayment plan could also not be done for your financial situation, contacting a debt charity could really help your situation.

Debt charities you can contact:

  • Step Change
  • National Debtline
  • Business Debtline
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Debt Support Trust Management
  • The Debt Advice Foundations
  • Christians Against Poverty

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