The Ultimate Guide to CLI International Debt Collectors

Have you been contacted by CLI International Debt Collectors? And you are wondering what they want, why they are getting in contact with you, and what the next steps are.

We know how dark it can feel to be in debt and how it can feel to to not have a light at the end of the tunnel.

But reading our Ultimate Guide to CLI International Debt Collectors will show you light and help you get out of the dark place.

Talking to one of our professionals, can also ease your mind about your worries and possibly write off 85% of your debt.

Did You Know You Can Write Off Up To 85% Of Your Debts?

Do I Qualify?

Who are CLI International Debt Collectors?

CLI International Debt Collectors is an independent owner managed international debt collection agency.

CLI International Debt Collectors collects debt all internationally, on behalf of companies and large corporations from all indusrty sectors. CLI International Debt Collectors are able to collect one off business and multiple debts of small consumer debts.

They were established on 20th March 2009

Their website says they have a worldwide network with ‘strategic alliances’ in over 140 different countries.

How do I get in contact with CLI International Debt Collectors?

  • Postal Address: 7 Church Road, Oare, Faversham, Kent, ME13 0QA.
  • Telephone Number: 01795594570
  • Email Address:  [email protected]

Are they a legitimate company?

Yes, they are a legitimate company. Their registered company number is 06854365

Why is CLI International Debt Collectors getting in touch with me?

CLI International Debt Collectors could be contacting you for a wide range of reasons. Debt collection companies usually collect debts for a wide range of clients.

It is important to read the first correspondence with CLI International Debt Collectors as this will specify who the agency is collecting the debt for.

What to do now?

It is important to check all the details, regarding the debt. It is more than likely that CLI International Debt Collectors will have the details of the company that sold the debt. It is important to cross reference these details with the company to ensure the debt is actually yours. If you are still unsure you can request the ‘Prove the Debt’ from the company. This is a letter that they send to prove that you owe a debt. If they do not send this letter, get in touch with a legal and financial advisor to discuss your next steps.

Did You Know You Can Write Off Up To 85% Of Your Debts?

Do I Qualify?

Take Notes

It is important to take down notes of every correspondence you have with CLI International Debt Collectors this includes phone calls, taking the names of the people you speak to and dates of any letters sent or delivered. This evidence will help you if the agency accuse you of any disperancies.


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