The Ultimate Guide to Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors

Owing money to companies and being in debt is without a doubt and extremely worrisome and scary situation to be in. However, you don’t need to deal with this situation alone. With a rise in debt across the UK due to a host of different reasons, IVA’s and Debt Advisors are working hard to help people in debt get the assistance they need.

A company you might come across if you owe debt is Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors. Owned by PRA Group, Aktiv Kapital is a debt retrieval agency that will seek payments from people who owe money to a company they operate under. But what can you do if you have Aktiv Kapital debt collectors at your door?

Read on for our ultimate guide to Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors and everything you will ever need to know about them. Being in debt can be one of the worst scenarios any one of us might face in our lifetime. But don’t struggle alone – help is out there for you!

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Who are Aktiv Kapital?

Akitval Kapital has been fairly recently acquired by PRA Group UK, so keep your eyes peeled for this name too, as that means you will be dealing with the same company.

They are a debt retrieval company that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means they can collect debt for a variety of third party companies, but they must operate lawfully and within set regulations.

Where are they based?

Aktiv Kapitals headquarters are based in Oslo, Norway however, they have institutions within the UK as well as in Norway. With over 400 employers working for them, they are one of the largest debt collection agencies in the UK.

Are they a legitimate debt recovery company authorised and regulated in the UK?

As Aktiv Kapital works throughout the UK, they are required to act per a set of specific rules and regulations. These rules are set out by the Financial Conduct Authority, or FCA for short, and all debt collectors within the UK who are regulated must abide by them.

What legal powers do they have over me?

As Aktiv Kapital are debt collectors that work for a third party, their legal powers only extend to the same as what the company they are collecting for are. This means they can’t hire a locksmith to unlock your door and they certainly can’t take your property to pay off any outstanding debt.

Aktiv Kapital, however, can call for a count court judgement to try to deduce whether your need to pay them the debt after a certain time or not. This will typically happen months down the line if you refuse to pay any debt. There are certain steps you can take to avoid this and any potential issue regarding your wellbeing if you simply cannot pay.

Debt advisors excel at navigating tricky financial waters and will be extremely useful in helping you seek the best path to take. If you are at all worried about receiving a court calling or you just want to find the cheapest way to avoid the outstanding debt, get in touch with a debt advisor today.

Why is a third party debt collection agency contacting me?

Sometimes, if debt doesn’t get collected for a long time, the company might sell off your debt to other third-party debt collectors. This is because they believe they will be able to make a profit on the interest rates rapidly increasing your outstanding debt.

They also may not think they have the power to collect the debt from you, so will outsource the collection to another third party to help with the debt recovery. Again, as stressful as this can be, realise that sourcing debt to another company won’t change your debt solution. Make sure you take the same steps regardless of which company you are dealing with.

How do I get in contact?

The best way to get in contact with Aktiv Kapital Debt is either through the Aktiv Kapital contact number on 0800 877 2772 or via email, at [email protected]. If you prefer the old fashioned method of sending a letter you should address it to 2, The Cross Kilmarnock, Scotland, KA1 1LR.

Before you do get in contact with Aktiv Kapital regarding payment, however, chat to a debt advisor or IVA as they may be able to find an alternative plan that works best for you. It might even be possible to wipe up to 80% of your debt off, which could be exactly what you need for peace of mind!

How do debt collection agencies operate?

Firstly, a debt collector will notify you if they believe you have an outstanding debt with them or a company they work for. This will usually be done via a letter sent to your home address, or any contact details they may have stored about you.

Once you have been notified they will attempt to collect debts you owe in a multitude of ways. The most common way you will see companies such as Aktiv Kapital UK collecting debt is through phone calls or house visits. Try not to worry as they cannot enter your home without permission.

If you notice any illegal or immoral tactics being deployed such as intimidation tactics then please contact the Financial Ombudsman or the Financial Conduct Authority to report this. Make sure you note down contact details, company name and the original creditors.

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Deceitful tactics Aktiv Kapital Debt Company may use

Due to a lot of debt collectors working on a bonus, they might employ specific intimidation tactics to try and scare you into paying any money they claim you owe.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the tactics below, and if you notice any make a note and get in touch with the Financial Ombudsman as soon as you can.

Automated phone calls

One of the most common tactics debt collectors such as Aktiv Kapital might implement is automated call technology.

This tactic is instantly recognisable as it is essentially where they will set up a system that will call your contact phone number repeatedly until you pay the outstanding money. The worst part is, the longer you ignore it the more frequent the calls from Aktiv Kapital will be.

As soon as you notice this immoral tactic being used get in touch with the Financial Ombudsman by Phone 0800 023 4567 or on 0300 123 9123.

Bad Cop, Good Cop

Without a doubt, a popular method used by a host of different agencies and services is the bad cop good cop routine. This is where a duo of debt collectors will put on two different personas to try and persuade you to pay them money.

This is most commonly achieved by one debt collector harassing you and being borderline aggressive on a phone call, whilst another pretends to empathise with your situation.

Not only is this immoral, but it is also unlawful and should be reported to the Financial Ombudsman either on 0800 023 4567, or 0300 123 9123. The sooner you make a call the sooner you can get help.

Why is a debt collection agency contacting you?

The main reason a debt collection agency, such as Aktiv Kapital will be contacting you is that they believe you owe either them or their clients, money. Your first notification of this will typically be via a letter sent to your home address. This may then escalate into a phone call and in-person visits if they don’t receive any payments.

Try not to stress if you have recently been contacted by a debt collector as you might not owe them money. As soon as possible, ask them to both send you a letter detailing the credit they believe you owe as well as proof that it is, in fact, you that owes that debt. Sometimes they might have made a mistake and you don’t owe them the money they claim you do.

If they can prove that it is you and show you the outstanding credit amount, contact a debt advisor immediately. This is always the best solution if you are worried you won’t be able to pay back your debt.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help, in fact, with recent events, more and more people are finding themselves in tricky financial situations. The sooner you ask for help, the sooner you can remove this unnecessary stress from your life.

What if I cant afford to pay back a debt?

As stated above, the best path to take is to contact a debt advisor or find an alternative payment plan that you and Aktiv Kapital can agree on.

It may seem like the current situation is unavoidable, but this might not be the case. Debt advisors specialise in seeking the best debt solutions to any financial related issues and they may even be able to write off up to 80% of your debt.

Make sure you seek advice as soon as you can as the longer you leave the more interest can pile up. once you are free of your debt, you will soon realise how worth it was to contact a debt advisor or an IVA.

Can pay, but won’t?

If you can pay off your debt without risking other payments such as your mortgage or utility bills, then you might be causing yourself more hassle than it’s worth. As tempting as it may be to ignore any communications from Aktiv Kapital or PRA Group UK, they will keep chasing you for payment. Regardless, it is still work speaking to a debt advisor or IVA before making a payment, as you could be paying more than you need to.

Always check whether or not you can comfortably finance yourself before you do as you don’t want to put other payments at risk. Catalogue debt is far less important than risking going without electricity, for example, so always weigh up your choices before you send any payments.

How to deal with debt collectors

Seek debt help:

If you are struggling to pay off any outstanding debt, then there is no shame at all in contacting an advisor for debt help. Whether you can’t pay off your credit card debt or you just need a hand dealing with debt, a debt advisor can provide the aid you might need.

By seeking alternative paths to payment, and potentially writing off a large % of your debt (up to 80% in some cases) they may be the debt solution you need. IVA’s and debt advisors will know the right steps for you to take to get any collectors off your back.

So if you would like a hand dealing with an extremely difficult situation then please get in touch with a debt advisor today. They could provide the debt solutions you are looking for and help you avoid an unnecessarily large payment.

Check if you truly owe a debt collection company money:

One of the most important things you can do if you are worried about debt is to check whether you truly owe debt to Aktiv Kapital. This can be done by contacting Aktiv Kapital and asking them for a copy of the initial credit agreement. By law, they are required to show you how much you owe, if they don’t then you don’t have to pay them anything.

You may also believe that the debt they are seeking is owned by someone else. Even debt collection companies can make mistakes and thus you might not be in debt after all. You can ask Aktiv Kapital to prove to you that the debt they claim you owe, actually belongs to you. To do this, send them a “Prove It” letter asking them to prove the debt belongs to you.

Before taking any of the actions above, however, you may be able to negate the debt entirely by speaking to a debt advisor. They will help you find a solution to any debt issues you might face and can potentially be the best option for people who might owe money to Aktiv Kapital.

Before you send a payment, be sure to seek IVA debt advice! Up to 80% of your debt could be written off!


How do I deal with Aktiv Kapital debt collection?

Before taking any action towards Aktiv Kapital Debt retrieval services, please read the letter they have sent carefully and note down any details you think will help your case. Things such as how much you are in debt, and how long they have been seeking money can help you a lot in finding a solution to your problem.

Once you are familiar with your situation and truly believe you cannot pay your debts, give a debt advisor or an IVA debt advice service a call. Dealing with debt is an extremely burdening problem and one that you do not have to do alone. Debt advisors are there to provide the help you need to protect your money and get Aktiv Kapital off your back.

What happens if I don’t pay a debt collection agency?

If you don’t pay off any of your debt to a debt collection company, they will seek legal action against you. This is typically done after constant refusal to make a payment and usually ends up with a county court judgement.

Although it might seem tempting to not pay Aktiv Kapital and hope that the 6 years pass by, this will very rarely work. Contact a debt advisor to discuss potential options if you worry you won’t be able to pay off your debt within those 6 years.

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Can Aktiv Kapital Debt Collectors enter my property?

As any agents operating under Aktiv Kapital are classed as debt collectors, they can not enter your home or your property without your express permission.

The main difference between debt collectors and bailiffs is that, if permitted by the court, bailiffs may enter your property without your permission. Aktiv Kapital debt collectors or any debt collector for that matter can never do this.

If they claim otherwise contact the police immediately as they are breaking the law. You might also want to report this the Financial Ombudsman on 0800 023 4567, or 0300 123 9123.

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