The Ultimate Guide to Solex Legal Services

Did you receive any form of communication from Solex Legal about a debt you have to pay? Are you unsure of the next steps you have to take?

Solex Legal Services buys debts from other firms at a discount and collects the debts using their own debt collection team. They may also send field agents to your house to collect debts. If you’ve been approached by this debt collector, it’s probable that they’re trying to collect unpaid bills from you.

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Learn about all the things you need to know to clear out your debts and start anew in this Ultimate Guide to Solex Legal Services.

Who are Solex Legal Services

Whether dealing for you, your business, your trust fund, or your property portfolio, they give legal assistance in all aspects of residential and commercial property law, and they are experts in making transactions as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Banks, Building Societies, Property Management Companies, Finance Companies, and Government Agencies are among the clients they represent. They place a high value on providing a quick but thorough analysis of any potential security threat.

Commercial lenders’ standards are growing increasingly severe, and they handle all stated conditions efficiently and quickly so you can get on with putting them into effect.

Solex Legal Services offers many services after being in the industry for 20 years. They can assist clients with remortgaging and conveyancing. They also handle Transfers of Equity and lease concerns. They work on a set fee basis and have expertise dealing with high-volume, corporate issues. They manage our cases with the most up-to-date technology that come with competitive affordable fees online. Their services are constantly tailored to the specific demands of our clients.

Solex Legal Services Limited covers many aspects of debt recovery and asset finance such as invoice debt, credit card debt, unsecured loans, and defaulted loans. They also handle vehicle recovery, mortgage shortfall, and consumer credit.

How do I get in contact with Solex Legal Services?

  • Their Head Office: 1st Floor Northside House, Tweedy Road, Bromley, England, BR1 3WA
  • Registered Office: 1st Floor Northside House, Tweedy Road, Bromley, England, BR1, 3WA
  • Telephone: 0208 460 2237
  • Email: [email protected]
  • LinkedIn:
  • SRA Registration Number: 536941
  • Company Registration Number: 07171613
  • VAT Registration Number: 101 068 567

Are they a legitimate company?

Solex Legal Services is a legitimate company, operating legally in England territories. They are accredited by the Conveying Quality Scheme or CQS. The CQS maintains a recognized standard of quality for residential conveying practices.

To keep the accreditation, CQS members need to have a Senior Responsible Officer and other key conveying staff who practice integrity. The company also has to maintain good management standards. The CQS also have a scheme protocol that members need to adhere to and implement efficiently.

Some notable details about the company include -over 20 years experience, competitive, affordable fees, Online Case Tracker, law society accredited, and can work well with private clients

Solex Legal Services is also registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority under the name Solex Legal Services Limited.

Why is Solex Legal Services Contacting Me?

If you are being contacted by Solex Legal Services, it means that they have are now handling your account. Their debt solicitors service will now collect your payments for a debt that you owe from a different creditor.

The first thing you may receive will be a letter. The letter describes the total amount of your debts and any other additional fees and costs you may have to cover. When the firm first acquires your debt from the original lender, be it a consumer lender or a mortgage lender, the notice letter is written by a computer system that mass produces the letter.

We strongly advise that you take action after receiving the first letter to avoid any complications later down the line.

You won’t be able to stop Solex Legal Services from contacting you completely, since they may be legally compelled to send you some letters. Instead of getting phone calls, you can declare your contact preferences, such as dealing with your debt in writing.

What Are My Next Steps?

You must move immediately to stop the debt collection procedure in its tracks if you do not want visitors to your house.

They will not only phone you frequently, but they will also look to visit your home if you do not respond to their calls. Of course, this is concerning, and it might be terrifying for some individuals, but it can be avoided.

First, check and confirm if you do owe any debts with Solex Legal Services. At the same time, if you do have any debts but not with Solex, confirm if your debts have been acquired by Solex Legal Services.

Next, after confirming your debt, you can then communicate with law society accredited Solex Legal to decide how you can make repayments. They may have repayment plans included in their services. Ask if you have to pay for the debts in a single payment or you have the option to pay the debt in instalments stretching out through several months.

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Do I Qualify?

Doing nothing is not an option, no matter what action you choose. Debts that are ignored will not disappear; in fact, they will worsen. If you ignore letters or phone calls for an extended period of time, Solex Legal Services may take legal action against you.

Finally, everyone should pay their bills when they can, and if they can’t, we can help you with a variety of debt management solutions. Many of these will be discussed further down.

However, just because Solex has approached you for payment does not imply there aren’t other and better solutions available. So, before you pay anything, read the remainder of this information and get in touch with us for assistance.

What Can Solex Legal Services Do?

Solex Legal Services has a set of rules and abilities that their solicitors follow when dealing with customers and clients.

Solex Legal Services can:

  • Legally ask that you make payments to them
  • Make phone calls to your home or your workplace within reasonable hours unless asked to stop
  • Send letters, both physical and electronic, that ask you to settle your debts and come up with a payment plan
  • Make house calls but remain outside of the property or the home, unless invited in.

Solex Legal Services Cannot:

  • Divulge details about your debt to your family, friends, workmates, or acquaintances
  • Disturb the peace of your family or force entry into your home
  • Threaten you or your family in any manner
  • Be aggressive or intimidating
  • Drop by your workplace
  • Take any of your possessions

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