The Ultimate Guide to Wescot Credit Services Ltd

Have you been contacted by Westcot Credit Services? Are you overwhelmed, unsure of what to do now?

This Ultimate Guide should give you everything you need to know about this particular debt collection company.

After reading this guide, you will know everything there is to know about your debt and you will feel totally confident.

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Do I Qualify?

Who is Wescot Credit Services?

Wescot Credit Services is a debt collection company based in Hull, East Yorkshire. Wescot mainly focuses on chasing up debts from other businesses around the UK.

For doing this job, Wescot will manage to collect a commission from the money they recover.

They do not buy debts, however, they do manage debts from other companies.

Who do they collect for?

Although Wescot will help almost any business that requires assistance to collect a debt, they will mainly collect from companies such as

  • Energy suppliers
  • Telephone and internet providers
  • High street banks
  • Credit card providers
  • Unpaid rent for landlords and estate agents

ensuring that your debts are cleared will protect you against repetitive calls, emails, and letters.

Is Westcot a legitimate company, regulated and authorised in the UK?

Wescot Credit Services is definitely legitimate.

Check out some of Wescot Credit Services’ amazing credentials!

  • Westcot are a registered firm with the Lending Standards Board
  • Westcot are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with the registration number 688858
  • They have a letter that states all the rules and regulations they have with their customers if these are broken you can contact the Financial Ombudsman.

Rules Westcot must abide by.

Many people feel like they are treated unfairly by debt collection companies. More often than not, these sorts of businesses are particularly rude as they are wanting to receive their money back.

The ways debt collection companies attempt to gain the repayment is through a form of intimidation. This is not okay.

Here are some of the rules Westcot must abide by:

  • They must not repeatedly or aggressively call you
  • They must be empathetic by your situation or circumstance- being prepared to give a repayment plan
  • Give you some time to process your debt
  • They must only threaten court action if the debt is very serious and large and the debtor is refusing to pay.
  • Respect your communication preferences
  • They can not use technical jargon to confuse or manipulate you
  • They can not pretend to be bailiffs and seize any goods.

Why is Westcot contacting me?

If you owe money to a company such as a gas company or a phone provider company, the chances are that you now owe money to Westcot. This is because the original company will have contacted Westcot to chase you up.

Usually, the chase will begin with a letter regarding the debt from Westcot. This letter will state the amount, a customer reference number, your name, and who it is owed to. It is at this point when you should realise the debt is yours after you see who it is for. The letter will normally request a full payment straight away- however, if you contact Westcot about repayment plans, this could be better.

If you still do not recognise the debt and think it is not yours, you should get in touch with Westcot to discuss this.

Either way, if you do or don’t recognise the debt, you should contact the company. The faster you contact them, the less hassle will be caused.

How do I contact Westcot?

Contacting Westcot is fairly easy and is the best thing to do!

If you get in touch with Westcot and discuss your circumstances, they will try to understand and arrange some plans for you to take.

When you do get in touch with Westcot, it is essential that the first thing you do is ask for proof of your debt.

Proof is essential as it can determine whether you do need to pay. Obviously, if an official proof letter is sent out to you with a signed agreement- you will have to pay as this is your debt. On the other hand, if Westcot does not send you any proof at all, you can count yourself very lucky as you will not have to pay a penny.

Sometimes, debt collection agencies do make mistakes and send a debt to the wrong person. If this has happened, you should also contact them as they could take you to court if you refuse to pay.


So, you’re looking for a solution?

If you are unable to afford the payment in one go, you can contact Westcot to discuss some of the available options.

These options include:

  • Bankruptcy
  • IVA’s
  • Debt Relief Order
  • Settlement Offer
  • Repayment deal

Another way that would make the debt go away would be if the debt was classed as statute-barred. This means that the debt is now outdated and would not be able to go into court to be paid off.


Westcot handles their payment via debit card payments by phone or online. You can also set up a direct debit with Westcot or send in a cheque.

It is always a good opportunity to request a lower amount as a settlement as sometimes debt collection companies will accept them.

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