The Ultimate Guide to QDR Solicitors

Are you being visited by debt collectors from the debt collection agency QDR Solicitors? Are you unsure how to deal with the debt and whether or not you should pay QDR Solicitors?

QDR Solicitors is a debt collection agency that buys debts. They employ debt collectors to get in touch with the people who owe money to make payments and settle the debts.

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Learn more about how to handle debt collectors and how you can take back your financial freedom in this Ultimate Guide to QDR Solicitors.

Who are QDR Solicitors

QDR Solicitors recover outstanding debts for banks, building societies, financial institutions, and commercial organizations at QDR Solicitors. You may be confident that we will conduct ourselves fairly and consistently, according to all regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Debts may be handled promptly and efficiently using cutting-edge technology.

Wright Hassall LLP, a firm of solicitors with a 174-year history, owns them.

QDR Solicitors is a legal practice established in the United Kingdom that collects outstanding debts for banks, building societies, and other financial organizations. The company’s headquarters are in Warwickshire’s Leamington Spa.

Some of the debts handled by QDR Solicitors are debts that the firm has purchased.

They acquire these loans in bulk at a lower price than face value in the hopes of profiting when they collect the total amount owing.

QDR Solicitors will lose money if customers do not pay the debts that QDR Solicitors have purchased. QDR Solicitors collect debts on behalf of various businesses and organizations, including banks and utility providers. QDR Solicitors collect debts on behalf of various corporations, including banks, building societies, and other financial institutions, as well as utility providers, mobile phone companies, and catalogue firms.

How do I get in contact with QDR Solicitors?

  • Their Head Office: QDR Solicitors Limited, Olympus House, Olympus Avenue, Leamington Spa. Warwickshire, CV34 6BF England
  • Registered Office: QDR Solicitors Limited, Olympus House, Olympus Avenue, Leamington Spa. Warwickshire, CV34 6BF England
  • Telephone: 01926 758736
  • Email: [email protected]

Are they a legitimate company?

The Financial Conduct Authority and the Solicitors Regulation Authority regulate QDR Solicitors Limited, making it a legitimate company. Their business number is 07561541, and they are registered with Companies House. They can be located on the FCA’s record under reference number 721508 at the following URL.

They are also Credit Services Association members who have passed the Collector Accreditation Initiative. This implies they must adhere to a rigid code of conduct while dealing with debtors. Visit the CSA website to read the complete code of practice.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) regulates them, and they operate under SRA number 560560.

Why is QDR Solicitors Contacting Me?

QDR Solicitors Debt Recovery will contact you because they believe you owe money and have failed to pay it.

QDR Solicitors, a creditor, manages its debtors using computer systems (also known as customer relationship management systems). To maximize their revenues, they will frequently employ the optimal debt method. These strategies are commonly viewed as aggressive. You may have seen news pieces and videos denouncing bailiffs and debt collectors for their severity. While the financial ombudsman office has made significant headway in decreasing authority, the most successful approach remains intimidation.

After their attempts to collect the money from you failed, the business or organization that was initially owed the money will have forwarded the debt to QDR Solicitors Debt Recovery.

Sending QDR Solicitors a Cease and Desist letter will prevent them from contacting you. This letter should be sent by Recorded Delivery so that you can show that they got it. QDR Solicitors is legally obligated to stop contacting you after you deliver this letter.

However, there is nothing to prevent QDR Solicitors from selling your debt to another debt collector, and if they do, the debt collector who purchased the debt will contact you.

What Are My Next Steps?

The initial point of contact for QDR Solicitors will be a letter and a phone call. This is where they’ll lay out their pre-action strategy. You will usually receive a letter stating the amount of the debt, the penalties, and any fees that have accrued. It will also set a repayment deadline for you. You will be advised of the consequences if you do not pay the amount in full.

The rule of conduct to which QDR Solicitors adheres states that they should allow you time to consider your debt management choices until you’ve sought legal assistance. Of course, they won’t be able to accomplish that until you inform them what you’re up to.

Once you have been notified of the debt, they can ask for a County Court Judgement to be issued to you to require you to make payments. Receiving a County Court Judgement can negatively affect your chances to receive credit for the following years. If you received a County Court Judgement, you may have the option to pay for the debt immediately or to pay for the debt amount in instalments.

You are free to ignore QDR Solicitors and are not obligated to engage with them, just as you are allowed to ignore any debt collector from debt collection agencies. It is very little they can do if you refuse to pay the money you owe and refuse to communicate with them.

However, if you ignore QDR Solicitors, they have the option of bringing you to court, and if they do so and are successful, the situation is not the same.

Whether you agree that you owe them money, you should contact QDR Solicitors as soon as possible to see if the situation can be handled. The majority of debt collectors, like QDR Solicitors, would be eager to assist by providing inexpensive payment plans and other options.

You may not owe the money that QDR Solicitors is demanding for a variety of reasons.

First, it’s conceivable that there was an administrative error and the debt isn’t yours, or that the debt is yours, but the amount being claimed is inaccurate.

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Alternatively, you may have previously paid the bill, but QDR Solicitors has been unaware of the payment.

Second, after a certain amount of time, debts become unenforceable. In the United Kingdom, this is usually six years, while it is five years in Scotland.

It is worth noting that if you’ve ever recognized the obligation, the clock will have been reset, and the five or six-year term will begin on the day you last acknowledged it.

If you don’t believe you owe them money, you should call the debt collector and ask them to show you owe it.

From here, it may be best to communicate and coordinate with the debt collection agency, in this case, QDR Solicitors, to decide upon a repayment plan that will work for you and your budget. These QDR Solicitors debt collectors usually have a payment plan for you to follow.

What Can QDR Solicitors Do?

QDR Solicitors Can:

  • Send formal letters and emails that discuss the details of the debt you owe and the payment plans they have available
  • Make phone calls to your home number or work number during working hours
  • Drop by your home to enquire about you but are not allowed to step inside your house unless invited
  • Formally ask you to make pay QDR Solicitors

QDR Solicitors Cannot:

  • Act threateningly or aggressively with you or anybody connected to you
  • Disturb the peace of your family
  • Drop by your workplace
  • Take possession of your things
  • Enter your home forcibly
  • Share details of your debts to anybody who knows you
  • Pretend to be anyone of authority like a Bailiff

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