The Ultimate Guide to Droyds Debt and Collection Services

Droyds Debt & Collection Services is a Debt Collection Company based in Bradford.

A Debt Collection Company (Debt Collector) will collect overdue debts either on behalf of a company or after buying overdue debts from other companies that you may have missed payments to.

The overdue debts owed could be:

  • Credit Card Debts
  • Payday Loans
  • Overdraft
  • Catalogue Debts
  • Store Card Debts
  • And much more

Usually, when you first fall into arrears your account will be passed to a collection department within the organisation, often under a different company name a subsidiary of the original company.

They will attempt to collect the debts before selling the debt to a third party debt collection agency (debt buyers).

These debt buyers purchase debts at a percentage of the outstanding balance and then pursue the customer for payment of the whole amount, demanding payment in full.

If you have a debt with Droyds Debt and Collection Services or another debt collection company and are struggling with the payments you’ve come to the right place!

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Do I Qualify?

Bradford collection services like Droyds Debt & Collection Services will consistently chase you for money you owe.

Contact a debt advisor and they will be able to assist you with your current financial situation.

Debt advisors might be able to consolidate all your existing debts into one affordable monthly repayment program to suit the disposable income you can afford.

By looking at DMP Plans or IVAs you could reduce your payments due to Droyds Debt & Collection Services.

Can an IVA help with a debt with Droyds Debt & Collection Services?

Yes, an IVA will stop a debt company from chasing you for payments.

An IVA company can help you freeze the interest and charges, reduce your debt payments and may even write off some of your debt.

An IVA is a great way to help you become debt-free for good.

Submit your details in the form to the right to see if you qualify for an IVA or other debt help solution.

  • Reduce your debt payments
  • Freeze your interest and charges
  • Write off most of your debt
  • Stop letters and phone calls
  • Stop legal action and bailiff visits

Debt Collection Companies

As part of our Online Debt Directory, we have listed most of the Debt Collection Companies that operate within the UK, providing you with up to date information on each company.

To help you we have provided contact details and company information for Droyds Debt & Collection Services below from the Credit Services Association website.

If you need help with Droyds Debt & Collection Services debts, get in touch today.

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By submitting your details in the form to the right you will see if an IVA or Debt Management Plan is best for you and learn how to become debt-free.

Can They Legally Chase My Debts?

The Financial Conduct Authority lays out rules and guidelines on how companies can operate in the consumer credit industry and prevent unfair practices.

The FCAs debt collection rules and guidance sets out minimum standards that all authorised companies involved in debt recovery and debt collection must adhere to in order to be considered fit to operate as a debt collector.

Examples of unfair practices include claiming unfair or excessive collection charges, harassment, misrepresenting enforcement powers (threatening to seize property when lawfully they cannot), bypassing an appointed representative and contacting you directly, threatening legal action when it is unlikely to take place.

Droyds Debt and Collection Services

Droyds Debt & Collection Services include debt recovery in Yorkshire, debt collection in Bradford and debt collectors company in the UK.

  • Correspondence Address – 2 Holdsworths Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 4AH
  • Registered Address – C/O Redcats (Uk) Plc, 2 Holdsworth Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 4AH
  • Reg Company Number – 00106691
  • Parent Company – Redcats (UK) Plc
  • Consumer Credit Licence – 0027249
  • Managing Director – Hans Ohlsson
  • Direct Postal Address – Elberry Foxhill Drive, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS16 5PG
  • Managing Director – Francoise Suzanne Marcelle Deve
  • Direct Postal Address – 48 Avenue Suzanne, 59110 Madeleine, Madeleine, France
  • Finance Director – Michael Truluck
  • Direct Postal Address – 1 Kitty Fold, Addingham, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, LS29 0NB

Before speaking to Droyds Debt & Collection Services in Bradford, Yorkshire then taking a quick quiz to check your current financial credit reports should be carried out.

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