The Ultimate Guide to Zinc Debt Collection

Are you one of Zinc Debt Collections’ latest victims to receive a letter regarding a debt?

Do you feel confused, lost, or even ill at the thought of owing a large sum of money?

We are here to help! This ultimate guide to Zinc Debt Collection could potentially give you everything you need to know if you have been sent a letter about the money you owe.

Speaking to a professional can help you to write off up to 85% of your debt.

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Do I Qualify?

Who is Zinc Debt Collections?

Zinc Debt Collections are a multi-based company in Glasgow and Stratford-upon-Avon.

You might be confused as to why you have been informed that you owe a debt to this company if you have not heard of them before.

Zinc is known to send letters regarding a full payment of a debt that you owe to one of the businesses they collect for. So, there is a large chance that you will know the company you officially owe money to.

Some of the sectors Zinc Debt Collections collect for:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Utilities
  • Telecom
  • Commercial Debt
  • Health Care
  • Insurance

Is Zinc Debt Collections a legitimate company, regulated and authorised in the UK?

Yes! Zinc Debt Collections are definitely a legitimate company.

Check out some of Zinc’s incredible credentials.

  • Operating since 2008
  • Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Best commercial DCA
  • Best Consumer DCA
  • The registration number is 06771789

Can I ignore Zinc Debt Collections?

In short… no.

It definitely is not advised that you ignore Zinc’s calls and letters even if you believe it is not your debt.

If you are the person who doesn’t believe this debt is yours, it is still immensely advised to contact the company otherwise the situation could get worse.

So, if you’ve already thrown out your letter- we’re going bin diving!

Step one

After you receive your letter- Keep it! This can be used as a form of proof.

Then you should get in touch with Zinc to confirm the debt, this can be done by proof of debt letter.

If you do not get sent proof of debt letter, you will not have to pay at all.

What are the solutions?

After you have gained signed proof of your debt, it’s now time to think about how you are going to pay them back!

Zinc Debt Collections have many various solutions for their debtors to repay the money, including:

  • Repayment plans
  • Debt Relief Order
  • Bankruptcy
  • IVA’s
  • Debt Management Plans

Contacting Zinc can help put into perspective which solution is best for your situation. Zinc should listen and take an understanding to help make the process more comfortable for you.

Legal procedures that Zinc can not do.

Sometimes people can find debt collection companies very intimidating and pressuring- this is not allowed.

Take a look at some things that can be counted towards complaints.

  • Zinc cannot pretend to be a bailiff and seize goods- however, they can employ a bailiff if you continue to disagree with payment.
  • Zinc cannot continuously harass you over the phone to pay.
  • If you request certain times for phone calls, and Zinc goes against this, you can complain as this is illegal.
  • If they do not send official proof of your debt, they can not make you pay.

If Zinc goes against any points from the list above, complain to the Financial Ombudsman and you can gain some compensation.

Contact Information

Some ways to contact Zinc Debt Collections regarding your debt.

  • Address 1 The Zinc Group, The Sun House, 58 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 2QZ, United Kingdom
  • Address 2 The Zinc Group, Kings House, 4 Elm Court, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6PA, United Kingdom
  • Phone 0141 301 1055
  • Email [email protected]

If you feel like you need more support with your debt, you can contact a Debt Charity that can help you out and lift a lot of anxiety off your shoulders.

Debt Charities to reach out to

  • Step Change
  • National Debtline
  • Business Debtline
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Debt Support Trust Management
  • The Debt Advice Foundation
  • Christians Against Poverty

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