The Ultimate Guide to Jack Russell Debt Collection

As you’ve found yourself on this page, it’s highly likely that you’ve received a call, email or letter from Jack Russel Debt Collection. However, it’s highly unlikely that this was a welcomed call.

Dealing with debt collection agencies can be a scary thought and can make you feel anxious and worried about your financial situation. To make things a bit less daunting, our Ultimate Guide to Jack Russell Debt Collection answers all the commonly asked questions regarding debt and gives helpful advice on how to deal with the debt collectors themselves.

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Who is Jack Russell Debt Collection?

Jack Russell Debt Collection are an agency that collects debt on behalf of other companies.

They were formed in the 1980s, acting to help businesses through the recession, and then they developed into a renowned credit management company.

Typically, debt collection companies will collect for any company that needs money reclaiming, however, sometimes debt collection agencies will be tied to niche industries.

Jack Russell collect for a wide range of clients, with their website stating they have over a whopping 10,000 customers.

Some examples of the type of companies Jack Russell collect for are as follows:

  • Charities
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Solicitors
  • Advertising companies
  • Landlords
  • HMRC

And, the list goes on.

You can have a look at the full list of companies on their website.

Don’t Pay Jack Russell Debt Collection Until You Get Debt Advice

It is important to speak with a trained debt consultant before you make any payments to Jack Russell. Debt advisors can help you assess your finances, check the debt is yours and create a suitable payment plan.

Where is Jack Russell Debt Collection based?

Jack Russell Debt Collection is based in the UK and works nationwide.

They have offices in Manchester, Macclesfield, Derbyshire and London.

Is Jack Russel Debt Collection a legitimate company authorised and regulated in the UK?

Jack Russell Collections Agency is registered with Companies House, which can reassure you that they are definitely, and unfortunately, a legitimate company.

Their company number is 03375039.

You can find their Companies House page here.

Jack Russell are also a proud member of the following groups:

What legal powers does Jack Russel Debt Collection have over me?

Debt collection agencies, like Jack Russell Collections Agency, have limited legal powers. It’s important to make yourself aware of what they can and can’t do in their attempts to collect their payments.

What can Jack Russell Debt Collection do?

  • Send you letters to your home address.
  • Call or email you at reasonable times.
  • Visit your home in an attempt to locate you and obtain payment.
  • Apply for a CCJ (County Court Judgement) which can allow bailiffs to repossess your belongings.

What can’t Jack Russell Debt Collection do?

  • Call you at unreasonable times.
  • Contact you at your workplace without your consent.
  • Visit your home without giving 7 days notice.
  • Take a payment without your consent.
  • Confer about your debt with anyone besides yourself.
  • Suggest they have legal powers which they do not.

Keep reading our Ultimate Guide to Jack Russell Debt Collection to see what you can do if these rules are broken.

What if Jack Russell breaches regulations?

If Jack Russell Debt Collection breaches any regulations, there are various ways you can make a complaint.

Firstly, you should send a letter to Jack Russell directly to file a formal complaint.

Most debt collection agencies have an email to send complaints to, however, it doesn’t seem that Jack Russell Debt Collection have an active email address.

Once you have sent your complaint, if no action is taken or you feel that the matter hasn’t been sufficiently resolved, then you can escalate the concern to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

The FOS have their own complaints procedure, you can find details of their process here.

How do I contact Jack Russell Collection Agency?

Jack Russell have 4 offices across the UK.

Your location in the UK will decide which office you will end up dealing with.

The address and contact details of the four offices are listed below:



  •  Address: First Floor, 2 Fernilee Cottages, Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire, SK23 7HB
  • Telephone: 01663734744
  • Mobile: 07966275454


  • Address: Suite 77, Chepstow House, Chepstow Street North, Manchester, M1 5JF
  • Telephone: 08000685151
  • Mobile: 07966275454


  • Address: 47 Hovis Mill, Union Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 7BF
  • Telephone: 08000685151
  • Mobile: 07971194854

If your debt is international you will deal with the London brand, and the Derbyshire address is their postal address.

Therefore, any post or letters should be sent to the Midlands location.

How do debt collection agencies operate?

Normally, the first communication you will receive from a debt collection agency, like Jack Russell, will be via letter.

It is advisable to keep notes of the dates of any letters, emails or calls from Jack Russell and the individuals with which you speak to.

This ensures you have evidence of your communications should they ever make a complaint about you not keeping in touch.

The initial letter tends to outline their pre-action protocol, which will inform you of the original company you owe money, the amount you owe, the deadline date for the money to be paid by.

It is important to check the amount stated is correct, as if Jack Russell have got this amount incorrect, you are not entitled to pay them.

If the amount stated is most definitely correct and you have the funds in place to pay, then it is advisable that you pay Jack Russell as soon as possible.

The faster you can pay, the faster Jack Russell debt collectors will go away.

What if I cant afford to pay back a debt?

If you can’t afford to pay back a debt you should speak with a debt advisor, as soon as possible.

Debt advisors are professionals who can provide advice, guidance and support to anyone who is struggling financially.

You should also speak directly with the company you owe money to, as they may be able to help you set up a suitable payment plan, whereby you can pay your debt back in smaller monthly instalments.

Can pay but won’t pay?

It’s never a good idea to try and avoid paying back the money you owe, especially when a debt collection agency has been enlisted.

Ignoring the debt which you owe will ultimately make your situation harder to get out of.

  • Your debt will continue to grow.
  • The chance to broker a payment plan will be dismissed.
  • Legal action may be taken.

In the case of debt, ignorance isn’t bliss, so make sure you face your financial burdens head-on or you will only make matters worse.

Speak with a debt advisor if you have any worries about making payments.

Continue reading our Ultimate Guide to Jack Russell Debt Collection to have a look at our list of recommended debt advisory services.

How to deal with debt collectors

Here is a list of tips on how to best deal with debt collectors:

  • Do not ignore debt collectors, reply to all of their communications.
  • Make sure the debt you supposedly owe is definitely yours.
  • Assess your financial circumstances, this will help you find a suitable payment plan.
  • Speak with a well-trained debt advisor.
  • Update your credit file once you have paid your debt off.

Where can I find debt advisor help?

Have a look at our recommended list of debt advisory services.

These organisations can help you manage your debt and give important advice regarding dealing with debt collection agencies.

How can you check to see if you really owe a debt collection company money?

If a debt collection company is legitimate, then they should be able to provide you with authentic documentation detailing the T&C’s of your debt.

For example, most debt collection agencies can provide an original credit agreement document upon request.

If they are unable to provide you with this documentation, then you may not be entitled to pay, so we would advise speaking with a debt advisor before making any payments.

You should also consider where your debt can be deemed a statute barred debt.

A statute barred debt is any debt that has been chased or paid within a 6-year timeframe, after 6 years this payment cannot legally be reclaimed.

List of Debt Collection Agencies UK

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