The Ultimate Guide to Sterling Debt Recovery

Have you been contacted by Sterling Debt Recovery? Wondering who they are, what they want and why they are contacting you? Our ultimate Sterling Debt Recovery Guide has all the answers.

We know how stressful and upsetting it can be to be behind on payments, and it’s very understandable especially as we’ve just been through a tumultuous year. This is why reading our guide will point you in the right direction with important legal and financial information you need to know.

Talking about your financial situation with one of our advisors could also help you write off 80% of your debts. All you have to do is fill out the contact form and they will get in touch with you as soon as they can.

Did You Know You Can Write Off Up To 85% Of Your Debts?

Do I Qualify?

If you have received a letter or phone call regarding debt collection, the best thing to do is know where you stand and how to take the right next step on this rocky path.

Read ahead to find out all the vital information you need and how to contact our friendly and helpful team.

You might have received a phone call from the number 01415704152, you should be aware of this number as they are known for calling people who are in debt.

Who are Sterling Debt Recovery?

Sterling Debt Recovery is a corporate debt collection and litigation agency that pride themselves to get outstanding invoices paid as quickly and as cost-effective as possible.

Sterling Debt Recovery have been collecting recruitment agencies since 2007.

Why have I been contacted by Sterling Debt Recovery

You may have been contacted due to non-payment or for any of the reasons below:

  • Temporary to Permanent Fees
  • The client has given the candidate a job that their CV was not intended for
  • The candidate leaves within their probation, but the client has breached the terms and conditions (usually by non-payment to the agency) which means they lose their rights to refund or replace the candidate.
  • The client employs the candidate through another agency after our client has sent in the candidate’s CV.
  • The client has used a separate business to hire the candidate
  • A back door hire where the client has been introduced to a candidate but doesn’t hire, but a short while after employs the candidate directly without telling the agency.

Where are Sterling Debt Recovery based?

They were founded in 2007 and their headquarters are in Krakow, Poland.

Their UK office is 483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS,  United Kingdom.

Is Sterling Debt Recovery a legitimate company and regulated in the U.K?

Yes, they are registered in the U.K and their company number is 06016670. 

They are on the Companies House website which can be found here

This means they are legitimate and regulated in the United Kingdom.

I have a debt letter from Sterling Debt Recovery. What do I do?

First of all, make sure you or your company owe the debt.

If you do, then contact please contact our specialist team, as they could help you cut 85% of their debts. And get advice on the next steps.

Ask Sterling Debt Recovery to prove the debt, this has to be shown in writing.

If they can prove this in writing, then get in contact with Sterling Debt Recovery through their contact form or ring them and see if you can do a monthly payment plan, or if you can pay it up front as this will take pressure off you as if you pay they will not contact you again.

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