The Ultimate Guide to GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd

Have you been contacted by GTM Debt Recovery Services? Do you feel like you do not know what to do about your outstanding debts or if you even do owe them?

Continue reading this ultimate guide to find out everything you should do and need to know before repaying your debts!

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You can find dealing with debt collectors a very daunting experience as you might not even know that owe a debt in the first place especially to a company such as GTM debt recovery.

Who are GTM Debt Recovery Services?

GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd is a debt collection agency that works together with original creditors that you may owe a debt to.

You may owe your debt to an independent business or sole trader, but GTM will help you to collect your debts.

This debt collection company has over 40 years of combined experience throughout the business, despite only becoming an incorporated company in 2014.

How do I get in contact with GTM Debt Recovery Services?

Are they a legitimate company?

Yes, GTM is certainly a legitimate company.

GTM was incorporated on the 18th February 2014 as a debt collection agency with the registration number of 08900910.

The sole shareholder, George Murphy, controls the company- being authorised by Burnley Combined Court Centre as a certificated enforcement agent.

Why is GTM contacting me?

The reason you are being contacted by this debt collection company is simple… you will owe an outstanding debt that GTM will be chasing up and collecting.

Usually, when a debt collection agency contacts you informing you of a debt repayment, the original company it has come from will use a collection company to get it out of their system and make some money. The original creditor will have attempted a variety of ways to collect the money as they will lose out otherwise.

It is not wise to ignore GTM debt collectors as the debt could get inflated as well as the possibility of the company involving court to ensure payment.

What do I do now?

Firstly, you should ensure that the debt is truly yours. To do this, you can request proof of the debt to GTM. If this company does not send you the proof of the debt, you are legally not required to pay a penny!

If you have been sent a confirmation of the debt, it is advised to pay it off as soon as possible otherwise the total needed to pay could be inflated with additional costs.

If you are able to pay straight away… do it.

If you are not able to pay straight away… inform the collection officers as they will try to be understanding, otherwise you could find yourself in further debt after not being able to pay regular bills.

What can GTM do?

GTM has some legal obligations they must follow which you should understand.

  • GTM debt collection agency MUST be fair with debtors and take matters into consideration without being aggressive.
  • GTM MUST be completely transparent with debtors and answer all queries.
  • GTM MUST NOT lie about the debt or give empty threats.
  • GTM MUST NOT involve any third parties without the consent of the debtor.

If the debt collection company discusses your debt with another party you should report this immediately.

If you believe that this debt collection company has gone against its rules and regulations, you can make a complaint.

What can’t GTM do?

GTM will not be able to force entry into your home or seize any goods. They can only enter your home with your consent.

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