The Ultimate Guide to CRS Debt Collectors

Have you been contacted by CRS Debt Collectors regarding a debt? And you are wondering who they are, what they want and what your next steps are.

We understand that being in debt can feel like being in a dark place with no light to help get you out.

But by reading our ultimate guide to CRS Debt Collectors and speaking to our expert team, you will be able to get professional and knowledgeable advice.

Our team are specialists in their fields and might be able to reduce your debt by 85%

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Do I Qualify?

Who are CRS Debt Collection

CRS is an acronym for Credit Resource Solutions

CRS are a debt collection company who are based in Halifax.

They like to pride themself on being different, one that works with not only their clients but debtors they are chasing too.

CRS work on behalf of companies chasing credit card debt, unpaid personal loans, debts with mobile operators, utility bills and many more.

What do Credit Resource Solutions want?

So you have had a few missed calls from Credit Resource Solutions (CRS), and you want to know what they want. It is more than likely they are working on behalf of a company to who you may owe a debt, whether you are aware or unaware of this. They will continuously call you and send texts until you agree to start paying the debt back.

I don’t owe any debt. Yet Credit Resource Solutions are still chasing me

It is important to be 100% sure that you do not owe any money to Credit Resource Solution before you read any further, as putting it off may lead to a bigger financial loss in the future.

If you are sure you do not owe the money, the first step is to write to Credit Resource Solution (it is better to write as it leaves a paper trail) to say that you are not the debtor and something has gone wrong with their system.

If they continue to hassle you, write Credit Resource Solutions a debt validation letter. They must reply to this letter and give valid reasons and evidence for why you owe the debt. In this letter, you will need to write in the amount owed, the name of the original company seeking the payment (this should be on the letter from CRS) a statement that the debt will be assumed valid by the collector unless you dispute it within 30 days of the first contact. A statement that if you request information from the creditor within the 30 days the collector must provide it.


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