The Ultimate Guide to Lowell Group Debt Recovery

We are tired of people worrying themselves sick about their finances. Debt causes many stresses in our lives and most of us like to bury our head in the sand when it comes to dealing with debt.

This, however, is not the answer. In this guide, we will explain to you who Lowell Group are, what they do and how you can manage your finances best to live a financially care-free life!

Too many people are currently paying back debts they don’t need because they don’t understand fully how debt solution works.

Keep reading this guide and make sure that you are not paying back debts you don’t have to and for up-to-date, reliable debt advice.

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Do I Qualify?

Who are the Lowell Group?

Lowell Financial LTD is a debt collection agency that also goes by Lowell Portfolio 1 and The Lowell Group. They are a debt collector.

They are involved with debt collection and debt management. Essentially they buy existing debt from organisations such as banks, insurance and retail companies and then they try to retrieve the debt from you, the customer.

To understand how this works, customers debts are bought from certain lenders and organisation in which you owe money too. These debts are bought for less than what was originally owed (by you) and then Lowell Group uses their debt collection skills to recover the full amount owed by you, the debtor to make a profit.

Lowell financial are if not one of, but the biggest debt collection agency in the UK. Therefore they have a lot of experience in what they do and deal with more than 700,000 people every year!

What do they do?

The Lowell group are authorised and regulated which means they are not going to come after you unfairly. Their main operation is to collect debt on behalf of lenders, they buy this debt and pursue the customer instead of the original lender, as they are usually more experienced.

Lowell Portfolio 1 LTD handle debt purchase from other companies such as banks, insurance companies and credit card companies. Then Lowell Financial LTD manages the debt collection and repayments from customers that owe the debt.

Although we tend to shriek at the term ‘debt collectors’, they are a debt collection agency that aims to find the best solution for you to be able to pay back what you can afford over a fair timeframe. Lowell Group is versed in debt recovery they will likely make contact with you via phone, e-mail or letter.

Are they a legitimate debt collection company?

Yes, Lowell Financial are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is a member of the Credit Services Association. This means that they are registered to collect debts in the UK.

Lowell Financial are registered in England and based in Leeds (England) and enjoy gold status for customer service from Investor in Customers. This means that they are known and recognised for their excellent customer service in debt solutions.

What kind of debts does Lowell Group chase?

Lowell Group buys debts from finance companies this could be anything from credit companies, phone companies, banks or shops where you can use credit. The Lowell Group have previously collected debt for companies such as Capital One, Orange, Vanquis credit cards, O2, Littlewoods and that of the like.

It is therefore important to remember when you use any of these lines of credit or companies that let you use credit to purchase or make monthly payments from your account that you are at risk of falling into debt. You should take responsibility for your payments and make sure you don’t fall behind to avoid contact with a debt collection company.

Will they come after my business?

It is possible that if the Lowell Financial LTD wants to come after your business they can. However, to stop this happening you must separate yourself from your organisation, financially speaking.

You would need to make sure that there is legal separation from you and your organisation and if you owe the debts personally and your business is set up as its own entity such as an LTD, PLC or LLP then it is more difficult for a debt collection agency to come after your organisation for owed credit.

Do they hold any legal powers over me?

Yes, Lowell group could, in theory, take court action against you if the situation was worth it. Lowell financial LTD can obtain a County Court judgement to try and reclaim overdue payments. Lowell will issue a county court judgement through their solicitor’s branch called Lowell Solicitors. However, usually, this process only occurs when the situation is for a considerable amount of money and is the last resort option.

If you do receive a county court judgment, the most important thing is that you do not ignore it. As we know many people usually find it easier to ignore the problem, however, doing this could mean Lowell solicitors could send bailiffs to your house to collect the money you owe. They also may be able to apply for an attachment of earnings or statutory demand which is when payments will come straight from your earnings to pay back your debts.

How do I contact Lowell Group?

To contact Lowell group you have the following options:

  • Postal address: Ellington House, 9 Savannah Way, Leeds, LS10 1AB
  • Phone number: 0333 556 5550 
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: and register for an account

You may need to make contact if you receive a letter from them, or you think you need to organise a repayment plan with them. If you do need to make contact then you should do it as quick as possible to avoid any misunderstandings. Communication is key when it comes to dealing with debt collectors.

What to do if Lowell Debt Collectors contact you

If Lowell group make contact with you then it is advised to make contact back as soon as possible. Ignoring them could result in further action. However, it is equally as important to be aware that if Lowell group so make contact that they are rightly making contact with you.

You should be aware that any debt you are being asked to pay back is yours and that you are liable to pay it. Readily available debt advice from an independent debt advisor can help clarify any issues you may have.

Why are they contacting me?

If Lowell financial are contacting you then it is because they have bought your debts from the former company that you owed debts to. You now, therefore, owe the money to the Lowell group rather than the original creditor.

These original companies or creditors will have sold your debt to the Lowell Group if you did not adhere to the conditions of your payment plan agreed by you and the creditor.

Seek debt collection assistance

If you find yourself being contacted by Lowell group then your first instinct may be to worry, however, we do not believe it should be this way. There is support out there for you. The first thing you should do if you find yourself in debt that you are unable to pay back is to seek debt assistance.

Speaking to a debt advisor should be your first point of call before speaking to Lowell financial. An independent debt advisor can give you impartial advice on how best to manage your debts. This could mean that they could consolidate your debts, lower your monthly payments or even write off some of your debt. This is not always guaranteed but it can often be the case.

It is best to speak to a debt advisor to ensure you don’t pay back more than you have too.

Alternative debt solutions

You have many options to consider if you find yourself in debt that you might struggle to pay back. You can go online and use a debt calculator to work out a monthly amount that is affordable for you. You can also look into setting up an IVA to manage your debts.

If you qualify you can apply to have your debts written off with an IVA, to do this you must have debts over £5000. These are all methods you can use if Lowell group contact you.

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Lowell Group has an online budget calculator that works how much money you have leftover at the end of each month that can be used towards your payment plan in repaying your debt.

When doing this you must include all of your outgoings and expenditure to accurately calculate what you can afford back. Otherwise, you could end up missing repayments or end up not having enough money to live on.

Your expenditures should include everything you spend money on such as cost of food, bills, replacement of clothing, goods, travel etc.

To use Lowell group’s calculator you can register online via the portal on the Lowell group website or if you would rather discuss your options contact Lowell over the phone, you can call them on their phone number available on their website.

Try and write off your debt

There are several ways you can write off your debt to Lowell Group, how you do this will vary depending on your financial position.

Firstly, if you think that you do not owe the debt Lowell group claims that you owe them and you can prove this then you can ask for the debt to be written off.

Secondly, if you do owe the debt and you can pay then you can settle the debt in a lump sum. Sometimes this happens when you were unaware you owed debt but you can pay it off. This is usually the best option if you can afford to do it, however, we understand that this may not be the case.

If you are in a position where you cannot repay the debt and will not be able to do so for the foreseeable future you might have to consider insolvency, a state when you cannot pay your debts and have to consider options such as an IVA, debt relief order or even bankruptcy.

Check if you actually owe any debts

If you receive a letter or any contact from Lowell Group then you should first check that you owe the debt in question. If you think that you do not owe the debt then you should contact them immediately to raise this issue.

Lowell Group has to specify and make it clear what debt you owe them. This should include details form the original creditor, should that be a credit card company, payday loan company etc. You are entitled to ask them for further information if you do not feel you are liable for the debt. If Lowell cannot provide proof then it is crucial to know that you do not need to pay.

Another important issue to be aware of is the age of the debt, if the debt is older than 6 years and the creditor has not made any attempt to retrieve that debt in six years then it is, therefore, void and you do not have to pay. The technical term for this is statute-barred.

Paying off debts

So, now you have established the debt is your and you are liable to pay the debt collector such as Lowell group, what do you do? Below we have three scenarios you may find yourself in when asking yourself how you pay off your debt.

If you can afford to pay

If you can afford your debt then the simple answer is to double-check you owe the amount stated and pay it back as soon as possible. This is also the best way to avoid debt affecting your credit score. Lowell financial give you the option to pay through several channels such as:

  • Online payment
  • Over the phone
  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque
  • Direct or credit cards
  • Standing order

The best thing to do when selecting a payment plan or method is to choose one that is most convenient for you. It is best to choose a method in which you have a stable income coming. You can also pay all the debt upfront if this is something you can afford to do. Do not ignore contact from debt collectors as they can spiral into further debt and stress.

To help advise on what you can pay and it is best to prepare a budget before speaking to a debt advisor or speaking to Lowell financial so you know what you can pay monthly if that is the route you want to take.

Lowell Group may also be prepared to offer a discount in return for a full and final settlement figure. If such an offer is made you should get written confirmation that the debt has been settled once you have paid.

What if I can’t afford to pay?

If you cannot pay Lowell Financial in full then they will usually be more than happy to accommodate you in paying with a payment plan based on your income. Therefore it is tailored to what you earn and can be as little or as much as is best for you. So you can pay off your debts while still living your life!

Can pay but won’t pay?

If you can afford to pay Lowell Financial, you should. Ignoring debts could make your situation worse. If you decide that you are not going to pay your debts it is important to remember that Lowell Financial will not give up easily.

If you do not pay your debts and it is only a small amount of debt, it usually isn’t viable for Lowell to chase small debts. That being said the non-payment of your debts will remain on your credit file and therefore will affect your credit rating negatively. This means that you may struggle to get credit and loans in the future.

It is probable that if you owe a small amount of debt, Lowell may stop sending you letters and trying to contact you. The situation for larger debts, however, is different. Lowell Group will ensure that the debts get paid and this could mean taking you to court to obtain a county court judgement against you.

Always seek advice before paying

We always encourage seeking debt advice first and foremost if contacted by Lowell Group. There is lots of free and impartial support out there from numerous debt advisor websites.

You can also contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for advice on what to do.

Write off up to 80% of your debts

An option if you find yourself with debts over £5000 is to write it off using an IVA this stands for Individual Voluntary Arrangement. This is a formal agreement between you and the creditor, to pay part or all of the debts you owe.

This works when you may owe money to several different companies or organizations. This includes debts such as loans, credit cards, payday loans and even overdraft debts.

The IVA consultancy would arrange with each of your creditors while you pay one monthly payment. If you are eligible for an IVA it could reduce the total cost of your debts by 80% and therefore lower your monthly payments.

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The Lowell Group will not write off debts completely but they may consider a full and final settlement figure less than what you originally owed, such as an IVA.

Remember if you do decide to get an IVA you should get this confirmed in writing that the company will take no further action against you before you pay the final settlement amount.

Lowell Group FAQs

Can Lowell send bailiffs?

No, despite being able to get a county court judgement (CCJ) and take you to court, Lowell Group is a debt collector, not bailiffs and they cannot, enter your property, repossess any of your belongings. They also cannot get you arrested or get you sent to prison.

Although owing debt can be scary, debt collectors such as Lowell Group should never leave a household feeling threatened or in fear of any physical harm.

What happens if you ignore Lowell?

Regardless of if you owe Lowell Financial money or not, ignoring them should not be a response. If you don’t owe them money they will continue to pester you until you inform them otherwise.

If you do owe Lowell Financial, and you ignore them this could lead to much more serious consequences such as court action.

You should not feel worried about contacting Lowell Group as they are professional and friendly and have dealt with customers in your position or worse positions many times before. They are experienced in debt recovery and therefore ignoring them is not necessary!

Can Lowell Give me a CCJ?

Yes, if you don’t engage in communication with Lowell Financial LTD or refuse to pay the debts that you owe them then this could result in Lowell Solicitors taking you to court and issuing a CCJ against you or even make you bankrupt.

If they take a CCJ out on you the court could grant a charging order which means that if you do not settle the CCJ or keep up-to-date with your monthly payments then, you could be forced to sell your house to repay debts. Again this is a last resort option that will be avoided at all cost if it can be done.

Can Lowell take you to court?

Yes, however, this is the last resort. Lowell Group can take you to court if you do not make repayments. This is easily avoided, if you want to stop Lowell taking you to court then all you have to do is keep in good contact and work with them to help you make repayments that suit both you and the debt collector.

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