The Ultimate Guide to DG Collection Services Ltd

Have you been contacted by DG Collection Services, informing you of outstanding debt in your name?

Are you confused and overwhelmed, needing a debt solution?

You are in the right place!

Do Not Speak to DG Collection Services Ltd Until You Know About This

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Figuring out debt solutions can be a nightmare, but having an enforcement agency- such as DG Collection Services- demanding money, can be even scarier.

Continue reading this guide to be fulfilled with all the information you need to know when dealing with this agency.

Who is DG Collection Services Ltd?

DG Collections are a leading debt recovery specialist and enforcement agency based in Bristol.

This debt collection business will operate its services to the local authorities in and around the South West.

With over 30 years of experience in this industry, they ensure that their experienced team can offer cost-effective and professional services.

As well as being efficient, they also promise to portray honesty and integrity to all customers dealing with debts.

Which debts do they specialise in?

This company collects council tax and non-domestic rates arrears. However, there are two main areas of debt recovery that DG collection services focus on, being:

  • Taxation arrears
  • Motor Finance Repossessions

Why are DG Collections contacting me?

Like many others, you might be confused as to why this debt collection company has contacted you.

Here are some reasons that DG Collection services might be contacting you:

  • Council tax
  • National non-domestic rates arrears
  • They are enforcing an arrest-committal warrant
  • Motor finance arrears
  • vehicle repossessions

Are they a legitimate company?

DG Collections are a legitimate company.

They are a company registered in the UK with company number 6224671.

They hold a certificate for the ability to enforce action to control debt recovery. This particular certificate was granted by a judge at the county court and showed the company as a certificated enforcement agent.

Knowing this, you should take everything this company says and does very seriously.

How will DG Collections chase me?

Chasing may be daunting, so you must understand exactly what comes under this and what you should expect.

Firstly, you should be expecting to receive a phone call and letter from the company that will disclose all the important information you should be aware of, such as:

  • The amount owed
  • Extra charges
  • A deadline (of which you must pay in full)

Once you have received this information, you would be advised to speak to the debt agencies to confirm that the money owed is definitely for you to pay.

If the debt is not yours- you do not have to pay a penny! They should be able to provide you with information and documents to state that the debt is yours.

If you are not complying with the payment, you should expect a visit to your home from the bailiffs. The enforcement officers will demand a payment in full- if you do not comply, they will begin to seize some of your possessions that equate to the amount you owe. Find out what bailiffs cannot take from your home.

As the deadline will still be set in place, you will be issued a County Court Judgement even after items have been removed.

Should I pay DG Collections?

After receiving the first notification from DG, we advise you to pay as soon as possible.

The longer you leave your debt, the more serious it can grow.

If the debt has been confirmed as your own, you are legally required and responsible for paying this.

Without paying the company back, you can expect bailiffs at your property (this would not be ideal).

I can’t afford to pay- what should I do?

If you are in a situation where you are struggling to repay your debt, do not feel alone, there are so many people in the same position.

DG Collections has to listen to your situation and try to understand you, meaning that they can try to enforce a debt management plan of monthly payments in small loads.

You should keep in mind that occasionally a payment plan, being a debt relief order, will be incorporated with a controlled goods agreement so that the DG Collection bailiffs can take away some assets if you fail to keep up with your payment plan.

There are other options as debt solutions that you can tale when unable to pay your bills:

Keep reading to learn more about what rights DG Collection Services hold. 

What will happen if I ignore DG Collection Services?

Ignoring DG Collections will not put you in the greatest position. Our advice would be to NOT ignore this company.

If you do not contact the business, this will not stop bailiffs from visiting you, and it will also not make the debt disappear.

There are legal requirements and regulations set in place to state that you must pay.

If you ignore them, your assets will likely be seized, and enforcement charges will be set in place (making the situation a lot worse for you).

Do Not Let DG Collection Services Into Your House Until You Know About This

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What Rights do DG Collection Services have?

It is important to understand the rights and regulations DG Collection Services has, sometimes, businesses will go against their code of conduct- meaning that you can take action.

Imitation is a leading strategy that DG will use to collect the most money they can in the smallest possible time.

Here are some of the rights DG Collection Services Ltd has:

  • They can call you
  • They can email/ send letters to your address
  • They can visit your home
  • For larger debts, they can issue a statutory demand (£5000 and over)
  • They can apply to the court to have a default registered on your credit file- affecting your credit rating.
  • They are allowed to give additional charges, depending on your original agreement

You should take action immediately if you notice the company going against any of the above rights.

What rights do I have against DG Collection Services?

You also have rights in a situation like this!

Understanding your rights against the collection company is beneficial to know!

Here are some points you should note when dealing with this enforcement action:

  • DG is prohibited from speaking about your debt to any friends, neighbours, or family members (this is a private matter and will go against the UK data protection law)
  • They cannot use complicated jargon in a way to have power and confuse you
  • They can not tell lies about your debt or be threatening and abusive.
  • They cannot harass you, they are allowed to contact you as many times as they would like as long as this is not in a controlling, tormenting way.
  • The bailiffs are not allowed to visit elderly or vulnerable people.

What can DG Collections take from me?

You should know by now that the enforcement agency can seize your goods, but you might not know what possessions they can take.

The items they can take must add up to limited quantities as it should equal the amount of money you owe.

Here is a list of items the bailiffs CAN take from you:

  • Cars/bikes/vans
  • Jewellery
  • Luxury items
  • Television/games console
  • Cash
  • Joint-owned items

What are DG Collections not allowed to take from me?

It would also be helpful to list the items DG are prohibited from taking.

Here is a summary of possessions banned from being seized:

  • Cookers/fridge/appliances
  • Chairs/tables
  • Pets
  • Anything owned by somebody else in your home
  • Clothes
  • Bedding
  • Tools/equipment for work

What happens when DG Collections seizes my possessions?

When the DG agents arrive at your property, they should first note which items they will seize.

After they have given you details of the possessions being taken, they will seize these and take them to a storage unit. This is known as a Controlled Goods Agreement.

If you still refuse to pay, DG will begin to take action by selling/auctioning your items.

The money made from the sales will go towards your debt and the extra fees added for this.

How do I contact DG Collection services?

It is essential to know this agency’s contact details so you can get in touch for payments.

Here are the contact details you should note:

  • Telephone number- 01179 716005
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Address- Regency House, Bonville Road, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 5QH

Getting in touch with the company immediately is the best way to begin your debt solution!


Are there any Bailiff fees?

Bailiff fees do exist, and they aren’t minimal!

The ‘Taking of Goods Fees 2014’ regulations will dictate the bailiff charges.

There are three sets of charges you should expect:

  • Debt information letter- £75
  • Property visit- £235
  • Removal/ selling of goods £110

Can a bailiff break into my home?

It is incredibly rare for a bailiff to break into your home, as it will only be completed if a liability order has been issued against you.

The agency can only enter your home in any other circumstances if you leave your door open and unlocked.

You should keep your doors locked to protect your goods and to manage your safety.

Do they have a time limit for collecting a debt?

This company will reach out to you in an attempt to collect your debt within six years of owing.

A court order will be brought in before the six-year statute limitation occurs.


Of course, being in debt is a very scary situation, so having a collection agency chasing you can make the experience even worse.

Understanding all the rights you and this company has is incredibly important. Hopefully, this article has given you a wider insight into what you can do being in this situation.

Make sure to contact a debt help agency to find a suitable debt solution that may help you work your way out of debt before it is deemed persistent debt.

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