The Ultimate Guide to Capital Resolve

Have you been contacted by Capital Resolve, informing you that you owe them money for a debt? We are here to help.

Being in debt can be a horrible feeling, even more so when a company you do not know such as ‘Capital Resolve’ is harassing you with letters and phone calls to say you owe them money.

Do you need to find the answers to how to deal with Capital Resolve? Well, look no further as this ultimate guide is crammed with very useful information!

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Who is Capital Resolve?

Based in Evesham, Capital Resolve Limited is one of the UK’s leading debt companies that was established in 1997. They are a heavily invested company that specializes in collecting debts from businesses on behalf of their clients as well as for individuals.

Capital Resolve is known to chase up debts from other companies, however, this could be very daunting as you may not know who Capital Resolve is- but you will most likely know the company that you owe the money to.

Many people are known to feel harassed by Capital resolve as they constantly call and send mail to let you know that you owe the debt and need to pay it off.

So, before you agree to the payment, continue reading this guide to know everything there is to know about Capital Resolve.

Are they a legitimate company authorised and regulated in the UK?

Yes! Capital Resolve is completely legitimate.

Take a look at some of Capital Resolves amazing credentials to assure their legitimacy:

  • Fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. (FCA)
  • All collection staff have undertaken and passed the Credit Services Association. (CSA)
  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management) certified.

Despite the legitimacy of Capital Resolve, it is always advised that you request proof of your debt to ensure that your amount and the debt as a whole is correct.

There have been reported cases of Fishing Letters from this particular company. In a nutshell, this means that somebody with a similar name to you has a debt appearing on their credit score.

This can be extremely scary if you do not have a debt on your credit score. My advice would be to wait until they send some further information about the debt to ensure that this is just a fishing letter. It seems they are not bothered who pays off the debt, they just want to gain the money.

What can Capital Resolve legally do?

Capital Resolve is legally allowed to do the following:

  • Apply for a county court judgment against you if you refuse to pay, making your credit sources harder to access.
  • They are legally allowed to add reasonable interest and charges. Be careful here as sometimes charges will need negotiating!
  • Issue a notice of default.
  • Take money from accounts you could have connected
  • Sending people to your home to have you pay at the door ( don’t be too alarmed as these door collectors are not bailiffs, therefore they can not seize any goods).

What can Capital Resolve legally not do?

Some of the ways Capital Resolve may take action to chase you to pay your debt is not acceptable and should be reported for harassment.

Here are a number of red flags to look out for when Capital Resolve is in touch:

  • Discussing your debts with people other than yourself without your granted permission.
  • Using financial harassment methods such as pressuring you to pay an additional debt.
  • Calling at times, such as in the middle of the night is unacceptable.
  • Using legal jargon that you do not understand as a form of intimidation and addition of pressure.
  • sending intimidating letters that have a similar appearance to court letters.

All of the list above are completely unacceptable and should be taken seriously- complain.

The previous tactics can place intense pressure on the debtor and can produce some outstanding anxiety. This can be prevented by contacting Capital as quickly as possible when you are first informed about your debt so you can organise how you would like to deal with paying off your debt.

How do I contact Capital Resolve?

It is very simple to contact Capital Resolve. The faster you contact and pay off your debt, the less action they will attempt to take.

Contact Information:

  • Phone 01386 421995
  • Email [email protected]
  • Address Fountain Court, Vale Park, Evesham, Worcs, WR11 1LS

What to do if I can afford to pay the debt?

If you can afford the payment of your debt, firstly ensure that Capital Resolve is not adding rates of interest or fees when you admit that you owe the money. If you allow them to add on fees, they will be walking all over you.

If you can, try to pay as soon as you can so that the hassling and harassment of continuous phone calls and letters will stop. Sounds like a dream, right?

What to do if I can’t afford to pay?

Stay calm… there are solutions!

Repayment plan.

An agreement to a repayment plan is a good option when paying off debt. If you contact Capital Resolve and let them know what your situation is and your budget they can create a repayment plan suited to you that will be completely reasonable and that you can afford!

Writing off your debt.

This is okay too! If you contact Capital Recovery and explain your situation they will have to understand and realise that you have not got another escape out of paying your debt. There are some different schemes from the government that you can do to help you out further.

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