The Ultimate Guide to Newlyn PLC Debt Collectors

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Who are Newlyn PLC Debt Collectors?

Newlyn PLC Debt Collectors are a private enforcement company, who work across England and Wales.

They collect outstanding debts such as unpaid council tax, unpaid parking tickets and unpaid commercial rent.

Typically, Newlyn will be enlisted by a client if the client has been personally unsuccessful in reclaiming the owed money.

As you were unable to pay the debt to the original company, Newlyn will take the matter into their own hands and use enforcement in accordance with regulations set by The Tribunals, Court and Enforcement (TCE) Act.

Newlyn PLC will buy the debt from the original creditor for a lesser price, as they can then make a profit from collection and interest.

You may be confused as to why Newlyn PLC is getting in touch as they may not be a company you have ever heard of before.

You can contact Newlyn directly to query with whom the debt was originally owed.

Keep reading our Ultimate Guide to Newlyn PLC Debt Collectors to find out how you can contact Newlyn PLC.

Are they a legitimate company authorised and regulated in the UK?

Unfortunately, yes, Newlyn PLC Debt Collectors are a legitimate Public Limited Company.

They are registered in England under the company number 03770985.

Their registered office address is as follows: 3 Acorn Business Centre, Northarbour Road, Portsmouth, England, PO6 3TH.

Newlyn is regulated by various governing bodies, such as The Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA) and the Ministry of Justice.

They operate in accordance with the Code of Practice for CIVEA and they also abide by The Tribunals, Court and Enforcement Act issued by the Ministry of Justice.

It doesn’t appear that Newlyn PLC is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) at this time.

Therefore, they may not follow the same regulations as most debt collection agencies.

This Ultimate Guide to Newlyn PLC Debt Collectors will explore what Newlyn PLC can and can’t do when chasing payments, keep reading if you want to learn more.

How can I contact Newlyn PLC Debt Collectors?

Newlyn PLC’s offices are open from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM and Saturdays from 8 AM to 1 PM.

You can contact Newlyn during these times, via the following methods:

Make sure you have your reference number at hand or included with any of your forms of communication, as this is how they will identify your case.

How do Newlyn PLC Debt Collectors operate?

Newlyn follows abides by the recovery process outlined by the Tribunal Court and Enforcement Act.

Therefore, they work through 3 recovery stages: Compliance Stage, Enforcement Stage and Sale Stage.

The Compliance Stage involves an enforcement notice being issued which will request you make a payment, this comes with an additional fee of at least £75.

The Enforcement Stage involves a debt collection agent attending your home to take control of goods, this comes with an additional fee of at least £235.

The Sale Stage involves the removal and sale of your possessions, this comes with an additional fee of at least £110.

Obviously, the stages get increasingly worse, with your debt increasing each time due to the additional enforcement costs.

What legal powers do Newlyn PLC Debt Collectors have over me?

What they can do:

Newlyn PLC holds the same authority as bailiffs, so they can legally remove and sell your possessions if the outstanding payment is continuously ignored.

A Warrant of Control is the legal grant which allows County Court bailiffs the authority to reclaim and sell items for debt recovery.

However, there are limitations on what it is they can repossess. For example, they can take luxury items, jointly owned belongings and jewellery, but they are prohibited from taking essentials you need to live, work tools or someone else’s property.

Newlyn PLC also holds the following rights:

  • They can send letters to addresses they believe the debtor resides.
  • The are allowed to call phone numbers registered to the debtor.
  • They can visit the debtors home.
  • They are allowed to add charges in accordance with their action.
  • They can apply for County Court Judgement (CCJ)

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What they can’t do:

Newlyn PLC is regulated by various Codes of Conduct, such as those set by the Office for Fair Trading (OFT) and CIVEA.

These regulations attempt to protect the debtors and make sure they are fairly treated in the collection of debt.

Therefore, there are certain things that Newlyn are prohibited from doing:

  • They can’t threaten or use aggressive behaviour.
  • They are unable to enter a property without consent.
  • They aren’t allowed to mislead or lie about information.
  • They must show consideration towards debtors in financially precarious positions.
  • They can’t discuss the debt with anyone other than the individual.
  • They need to consider the debtor’s situation before deciding on the plan of action.
  • They can’t pretend to have untruthful legal powers, such as the ability to arrest someone.

Click here to read more about the regulations assigned by the OFT and what Newlyn PLC are prohibited from doing.

If you feel Newlyn PLC has breached any of these boundaries, you should file a formal complaint.

What if Newlyn PLC Debt Collectors breach regulations?

If Newlyn PLC breaches any regulations then you are entitled to make a complaint about the conduct of the company, and with a TripAdvisor rating of just 1.3 stars and 98% of the reviews leaving a dismal one star, it doesn’t seem likely that their services will be top quality.

Firstly, you should file the complaint directly with Newlyn. You can do this by completing their complaints form online.

Newlyn will then attempt to resolve the matter and find a suitable solution to any concerns you may have.

However, if you don’t find their resolution satisfactory, you can escalate your complaint to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO) or the Financial Ombudsman (FOS).

The LGSCO focus on individual complaints about councils, as Newlyn work primarily for councils, you may be referred here to escalate your complaint.

You can read about the LGSCO’s complaints procedure here.

The FOS focuses on resolving conflict between financial businesses, such as debt collection agencies, and consumers.

You can read about the FOS’s complaints procedure here.

What if I cant afford to pay back a debt?

Debt affects many people and it may be the case that you can’t afford to pay back the debt in full or right away. If you are in this predicament, don’t panic, you have options.

First of all, debt collection agencies hold an obligation to give you an adequate amount of time to look over your finances.

Newlyn’s FAQ’s state that if you can’t afford to pay back a debt you should call them on 01604 633001 with your reference number at hand, to discuss your options with a customer service advisor.

They also highlight that you may be able to negotiate a payment agreement, which would allow you to pay small monthly instalments until the debt has been paid off in full.

Newlyn requests their debtors complete this form and send 3 monthly bank statements, 3 monthly payslips and documentation with any proof of benefits to [email protected].

Alternatively, you can post the documents to PO Box 933, Northampton, NN1 9DX.

Another option to consider is an IVA, which is suitable for individuals who own multiple debts, totalling over £1,700.

An IVA allows an individual to pay larger monthly instalments for five years, after the five years the debt is wiped. This method allows the debt collectors to reclaim some money, rather than none.

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How to deal with debt collectors

Debt collectors can be scary and have a detrimental impact on an individual’s mental health.

Various words which crop up in the TripAdvisor reviews of Newlyn PLC include:

  • bully
  • threatening
  • rude
  • unprofessional

So, it’s safe to say, some debtors haven’t had the best experience with Newlyn.

It’s important to follow the following rules when dealing with debt collectors:

  • Don’t attempt to ignore them or they will keep coming back.
  • Make sure you check that the debt in question is definitely yours.
  • Take time to assess your finances and find an option that works for you.
  • Contact a debt advisor who can help you deal with debt collectors.
  • Make sure your credit file gets updated when the debt has been paid.
  • Ensure you are aware of your rights.
  • Document all interactions with the debt collection agency.

If you adhere to these rules, this should help you have the confidence and capability to deal with debt collectors, however, you can speak with a debt advisory service and request they communicate with Newlyn PLC on your behalf.

Keep reading to find our list of recommended debt advisory charities.

How can you check to see if you really owe a debt collection company money?

If a debt collection agency is legitimate, they will be able to provide evidence of your debt, upon request.

It is important to check if the debt in question is definitely yours, prior to paying.

You can do this by sending a Prove the Debt letter, either by post or email, to the company to which you owe the outstanding payment.

There are various Prove the Debt templates online which you can copy to format your own. Simply, Google Prove the Debt letter template and take your pick.

However, if you would like to create your own, remember to include the following:

  • Your reference number.
  • A statement reminding Newlyn that proof of debt is a legal requirement in order to collect payment.
  • Mention any future calls, emails or visits without proof of debt can be classed as harassment.
  • State misconduct can be and will be reported to the FOS or LGSCO.
  • Never sign the Prove the Debt letter with a signature, print your name instead.

Newlyn PLC should then respond to the Prove the Debt request with formal documentation, such as an original credit agreement, which highlights the amount owed, the initial company it was owed to and the deadline by which full payment should be made.

If they cannot provide this, you legally are not entitled to make any payments.

You should also check if your debt can be classed as a statute-barred debt, which is any debt that hasn’t been chased or paid in the last six years.

If your payment can be deemed as statute-barred, then again, you are not legally required to make any payments.

Where can I find debt advisor help?

Debt advisory charities can provide support, advice and guidance, for individuals who are struggling with debt.

Our recommended list of free debt advisory charities is as follows:

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